• Saying sorry when you actually aren’t
  • Suppressing the anger when getting asked, “But where are you really from?”
  • Re-reading emails 673 times before hitting send – and then again just in case after
  • Following in your parent’s footsteps when you want to do anything but
  • Fake-smiling even though, no, it wasn’t just a joke

Small or big, the things we do to fit in taste like eating a piece of banana candy when all you want is the real thing – an artificial, hollow imitation that leaves you anything but full.

And the real thing?

True belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are; it requires us to be who we are.*

Sounds simple enough, right? But definitions by definition (ha) are simple. 

Knowing and truly living the difference between trying to fit in and real belonging? Not so much.

*You can't talk about belonging without quoting Brené Brown, it's just a law of the universe

If you’re still figuring out the difference, sometimes make it to the other side of the bridge just to slide back again, and generally are a human who’s over sacrificing who you are for the sake of others but don’t always know how – welcome!

The Pls Like Me podcast is for you. Together with experts, featuring diverse everyday voices & stories, and backing it all up with research and personal insights from host, storyteller & recovering people-pleaser Kat Brendel, every biweekly episode investigates how to bridge the gap between trying to fit in to actually belonging.

Coming to a podcast player near you in spring 2023

The podcast is not *quite* done just yet! But if you pop your info in below, you’ll get updates, a chance to be featured, and first dibs on the epic launch giveaway that’s planned.

About your host

Hi, I’m Kat (she/her) and the completely wrong person to be hosting this podcast.

Growing up all over South America, the US, and Europe taught me adaptability aka how to be accepted & liked. Being an HSP (highly sensitive person) came in handy for that too. I then professionalized those likability skills, studying journalism and building a career in media & marketing.

The only problem? Being a queer, Chilean-German feminist that cares a sh*t ton about social issues doesn’t really mesh with making being liked your #1 priority.

So I might just be the right person to host this podcast after all!